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Taking the Work Out of Talent Scouting

Supreme Staffing Solutions is an exclusive legal staffing agency for Job & Career Opportunities.
Our track record of success as Boston’s leading legal staffing company is based upon our unique ability to successfully match our clients’ staffing needs with our candidates’ skills. We diligently strive to fulfill our clients’ specific personnel requirements while optimizing the potential opportunities for our candidates, paying special attention to their individual cares and concerns.

With the continued rapid advancement in new law office technologies comes the need for qualified professionals with the specialized skills to maximize these developing tools. In addition to continuing to maintain our ability to staff any of the traditional legal positions, we now are placing a strong focus on locating candidates who possess the requisite training and knowledge to maximize the newer forms of information and communication technologies, such as electronic discovery, to which law firms are turning with increasing frequency.

We are experts at both locating hourly wage, entry-level, staffers and recruiting high salaried, professional executives. We use a proprietary blend of recruiting technologies and internet marketing techniques to find, tag, and follow the best candidates around online. When we work with your organization, our first goal is to understand your mission, objectives, and requirements, whether the need is for one or one hundred employees, so that we may meet our final goal, which is to successfully recruit the person who perfectly matches your employment needs.

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Supplying Qualified Talent.

Recruiting new people can be time-consuming. Between advertising, searching, reviewing applications, and interviewing, employers often end up spending too much time away from more pressing business matters. That’s the issue Supreme Staffing Solutions, Inc. seeks to resolve. We are dedicated to helping employers find the right employee to fill positions as attorneys, paralegals, secretaries, and more.

Our track record proves we’ve excelled at it for the more than 20 years we’ve been in business, saving our clients time and money in the process. We tailor our staffing solutions to each organization, choosing only the best and brightest. This spares our clients from having to hunt down candidates themselves, and of course, time is money.

Through our legal staffing services, we’re able to help our clients locate candidates for positions as legal secretaries and paralegals. The right secretary makes an office more productive and efficient, while the right paralegal provides invaluable support for cases and the law firm as a whole. These symbiotic positions allow for both the employee and the employer to grow and mobilize together