Lawyers and legal support staff  change jobs for a variety of personal and professional reasons, such as 

But, of course, none of these are well-planned; as we all know, life occurs.

It isn’t easy to know where to begin if you’ve never worked with a legal staffing agency in  Massachusetts before. You’re likely to find several agencies on the web, but how to find which one that best suits your goals is difficult ! .

Here are a few guidelines to make an informed decision;

Identify Your Needs First

You might be looking for temporary staffing to ease the workload at the firm, or you might have recently lost some IP lawyers because of the reasons discussed above and would like to fill the permanent positions in your agency. Regardless of the reason, you must know the talent needs at your law firm before reaching out to a staffing agency. 

Look for Industry Specialization

Knowing that the potential staffing agency operates in your specific industry is a good sign. Hiring a general staffing agency could lead you towards a wrongful hire, ultimately wasting your time. 

A specialized staffing agency knows how and where to locate the top talent along with the capability to attract a variety of talented prospective employees. A specialized agency understands your needs better, fills the gaps in your job description and duties, understands the prerequisites for the role, and is likely to make a successful hire for the firm.

Have a Look at Their Past Records

The track record of any staffing agency speaks a lot about its reputation, work ethics, and service quality. To find the track record of the potential staffing agency, visit their website and look for client testimonials. 

Furthermore, pay attention to what staffing areas they have helped with other companies. You can also ask the agency directly and contact its past/existing clients to know about their experience with the agency.


Once you have created a list of potential staffing agencies you need to shortlist them based on your specific needs and their expertise.  Schedule calls with all of the  agencies and choose the one that meets your specific job goals. 

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